Why should I use NM Lists?

Auction Information:
All foreclosure sales are posted online at some point and some are also listed in different newspapers and other print resources. These listings, however, are not organized. You have to hunt through endlessly and keep track of all of the duplicates. Furthermore, these listings do not stay current on changing statuses. About 20% of all foreclosure sales will be postponed. All of these postponed sales do not show up again in listings and are not republished in newspapers. Unless someone physically shows up to the foreclosure auction, there isn’t any way to track when the property will be sold. We physically show up for you and conveniently keep track of when your property of interest will be sold.

Are you planning on making an offer on a bank-owned property on the MLS? You should be armed with the knowledge of what the bank was willing to let it go for at the foreclosure auction. Most people have no idea what the foreclosure history was on a bank-owned property and end up paying too much or miss out on other opportunities to make more money.

Lis Pendens Information:
There are thousands of foreclosures every year that never show up on the Multiple Listing Services (MLS). Investors and realtors are acquiring many of these homes before they ever show up to a foreclosure auction or before they will show up on the MLS as a Real Estate Owned (REO) home. Our website provides the data to help investors identify homes for investment early on in the foreclosure game.

Lis Pendens on steroids! Lis Pendens can be found from the county recorder’s office. However, they are often months behind the actual filing of the court case. By then, many investors are snatching up these opportunities before the Lis Pendens is actually filed. Not only do we provide the freshest data, we also provide more information than the actual Lis Pendens provides! We’re able to do this because we are actually pulling our data directly from the court.

Both Auction and Lis Pendens Information:
Instead of spending countless hours compiling tedious court records and public notices, we do the work for you. All the information you need is supplied in one convenient place so that you have instant access from your desktop/smart device. Easily gain access to hundreds of pre-foreclosures, foreclosure auctions and their bid prices without ever running downtown to the courthouse, fighting the traffic, and driving around aimlessly trying to find a parking spot. Bypass the hassle!

Do you hear about people finding great deals all because they had connections with an REO realtor or Short Sale specialist? Frustrating, right? Now you can go directly to the source of information and start identifying properties for yourself! Beat the “buddy system” before the properties even hit their radar!

Planning on making a cash offer on a property that is in foreclosure? NM Lists gives you a quick reference point to quickly identify if there may be other lien holders on the property. We also provide the case number so you can easily look up the property you plan on investing in. Don’t get surprised by unknown lien holders on the property. (NM Lists does not claim to be the equivalent to a title search. A proper title search should be done separately on any investment properties.)

Are you a realtor listing a Short Sale? Realtors are often caught off-guard, wasting time listing houses that already have had a foreclosure or, even worse, are scheduled for a foreclosure auction! NM Lists helps to protect your time by keeping you updated on the properties coming up for auction!

Just drove by that vacant house in your neighborhood again and want to know if it’s in foreclosure? Use NM Lists to search the property address. You’ll have information in front of you in seconds!