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Welcome to NM Lists

Welcome to NM Lists

What is NM Lists?

The most comprehensive Foreclosure Lists in New Mexico. NM Lists collects data on every case filed from every available public resource and every legal publication in the State of New Mexico and puts it in one place for your convenience.

We tell you what properties have fallen into foreclosure and when and where the foreclosure auctions are held, and for Bernalillo and Sandoval Counties, results are updated on the same day as the auction, and often within minutes of the winning bid.

NM Lists covers Auctions and Lis Pendens filings (Pre-Foreclosures) in all of the counties in New Mexico :

Scheduled auctions and filed Pre-Foreclosures in Bernalillo and Sandoval Counties are displayed on interactive maps!

Search by date, zip code, or even area of town!

What sets us apart

NM Lists is a local, Albuquerque-based company that provides you with the most up-to-date, complete Auction and Pre-Foreclosure listings available for New Mexico.

Unlike other Foreclosure auction sites, NM Lists compiles data for the actual foreclosure auction, not the repossessed properties sales put on by the bank months later at inflated prices.

Our data allows you to find deals months before the bank sells their repossessed properties, potentially saving investors tens of thousands of dollars.

Who uses NM Lists?

The members of our community include buyers, sellers, wholesalers, flippers, and those who provide other professional services. Anyone from large-scale companies doing 50+ flips a year, to folks just starting out in Real Estate Foreclosure Investment and are unsure of where to start all need the same data to be competitive.

With NM Lists, local flippers and wholesalers can have access to the same level information that the large companies do.

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Due Diligence

NM Lists is committed to providing the most accurate information available, but this site is in no way a substitute for your own due diligence and title search. So, before you make on offer on a Pre-Foreclosure or bid at an auction, we recommend you do your own research so that you can make the best and most informed decision that you can. 

Example Map

View BernCo & SandCo Jan 2020 in a full screen map.

Example Spreadsheet Table Listing

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