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What is NM Lists?

If you are a Fixer/Flipper or a real estate investor and you’d like easy access to Pre-Foreclosures and/or Foreclosure Auctions in New Mexico? Then we’re what you’re looking for! If you are looking to start off in the Foreclosure Real Estate Market, then look no further! NM Lists is the fastest aggregate website for the data we provide in the areas we service. With NM Lists, every auction, every Pre-Foreclosure, is at your fingertips.

Real estate foreclosure investment is difficult enough without having to scour every publication to ensure you don’t miss any potential deals. With NM Lists you have access to resources that you otherwise wouldn’t. These are the counties that we currently serve, with more to come!

 Auction Counties Available
Pre-Foreclosure Counties Available
Bernalillo County NM
Bernalillo County NM
Sandoval County NM Sandoval County NM
  Santa Fe County NM
  San Juan County NM
  Dona Ana County NM

Introducing Auction Maps!

All currently scheduled auctions will be displayed on interactive maps!

Search by date, zip code, or even quadrant of town!

View BernCo & SandCo Jan 2020 in a full screen map

DOWNLOAD the sample Here

Why Use NM Lists?

Every auction is published prior to ending up on the courthouse steps, so why use NM Lists?

How much is your time worth? Our auction information is updated in real time so you always have the latest data to make informed investment decisions and we provide the best and most up to date auction and Pre-Foreclosure information available in New Mexico.

Other sites concentrate on the buying and selling of properties because that’s where they make their money, but their auction and Pre-Foreclosure data is often incomplete and slow. At NM Lists our focus is to provide our members with the most accurate and up to the minute information so that they can make informed decisions.

Simply put: we are the fastest foreclosure property aggregation resource for the state of New Mexico. 

What Sets Us Apart

NM Lists is a local, Albuquerque-based company that provides you with the most up-to-date, complete auction and Pre-Foreclosure listings available for the counties we serve in New Mexico.

Many websites that concentrate on the buying and selling of Real Estate in foreclosure have incomplete data on the properties they list. At NM Lists, we strive to provide the most complete information available to our clients.

Who Uses NM Lists?

The members of our community include buyers, sellers, wholesalers, flippers, and those who provide other professional services. Anyone from large-scale companies doing 50+ flips a year, to folks just starting out in Real Estate Foreclosure Investment and are unsure of where to start all need the same data to be competitive.

With NM Lists, local flippers and wholesalers can have access to the same level information that the large companies do.

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